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Becoming a Member

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If you are or have been employed by Gulf,  Texaco, Caltex, or Chevron and receive or will  receive a Chevron pension in the UK, or you are a surviving spouse, you are eligible to join the Association.

Chevron UK Pensioners' Association

Who Can Join?

We invite any Gulf, Texaco, Caltex UK, Caltex Overseas, or Chevron employee or ex employee or spouse of any of the former interested in the issues and topics we focus our efforts on to join.

Email Dave Poulter below to request an Application form be sent to you. Please say whether by email or post.

Please click here to view/print an Application Form

You can join by contacting Dave Poulter (Treasurer) at :
Email :
Phone : 01245601451
Mail : D.M.Poulter
98 Goshawk Drive

To join we need a completed application form and organise membership dues for the first year or copy of a Standing Order Mandate. Please contact Dave Poulter or any member of the committee for more information or obtain a copy of the application form by clicking on the relevant line in the first column..

Click here to email your details to Dave Poulter so you can be sent an application form.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization.
We lobby the Company re pension issues.
We issue bi-annual Newsletters.
We work with OPA to improve Company Pension Schemes in the UK.
We have been able to obtain certain discounts for members.

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Chevron UK Pensioners' Association