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Chevron UK Pensioners' Association

No recent increase?
If you didn't receive an increase recently we would like to hear from you so we can try to determine how many pensioners are in this situation. This situation appears usually to be the case when people took a lump sum, but if you are different please tell us. If you retired before 1988 you should get a GMP increase annually with your State pension. If retired after 1988 then the company should give you the GMP increase.


a) Company Shares:
Now with CAPITA
Helpline: 020 8639 3333


     Address: The Registry,

     34 Beckenham Road, 


          Kent, BR3 4TU


b)Company Shares in PEP: contact Stocktrade,
                     P.O. Box 1076, 10 George Street,
                     Edinburgh, EH2 2PZ.
                     Phone: 0131 240 0441 
Tax on Company Shares
1         US tax is deducted at the UK/US double taxation rate of 15%.   
      Depending on how you hold the shares you will periodically receive a US IRS form which needs to be completed and sent back to receive the reduced 15% tax rate. Care needs to be taken to ensure the form is properly completed.
2         On the UK Self Assessment Tax Return:
   a.       Page 2 – Q6 you need to tick boxes 1 and 3 plus the Foreign box.
   b.       Page F1- you need to complete sections A, B, C and E and tick box on right to claim foreign tax credit relief.
If you do this and do not receive the US 15% tax as a deduction on the tax calculation sent to you call your tax office and say you do not agree with the assessment as you have not received foreign tax credit.

Note: If for any reason you have either not submitted a US IRS form or have incorrectly completed it you will be taxed at a higher rate but the UK HM Revenue and Customs will only credit 15%.

Occupational Pension Schemes - Final Salary

The Pensions Act 1995 required occupational pension schemes to provide increases to pensions in payment in line with RPI to a maximum of 5% (known as Limited Price Indexation (LPI)).  This provision for LPI only applies to benefits earned after 6 April 1997 (AVCs are exempt).

This requirement has now been amended, so that that part of the pension earned after 6 April 2005, only needs to be increased in line with RPI, up to a maximum of 2.5%.

However, for that part of the pension earned before 6 April 1997, while scheme rules may grant annual increases, there is no legislation that requires schemes to increase this pension unless the scheme was contracted-out of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS).

The rules of contracting-out require that increases be applied to the GMP as follows:

  • no increase for GMPs accrued before 6 April 1988 (but increases on these are paid by the government along with the State Pension); and
  • for GMPs accrued between 6 April 1988 and 5 April 1997, the annual rate of increase is the RPI, subject to a maximum of 3%.

We would stress however that these are only the minimum requirements, and it is normally possible for the rules of company pension schemes to provide for a higher level of pension increase.

Important news for anyone who has or is working Overseas.

The EEC legislation means that you may well be able to claim a pension from the country in which you worked. The International Pensions Centre ( 0191 218 7777) has recently changed it's policy. Where the Centre has contact details they will pass it on but they will no longer contact the foreign governments involved. So you now have to apply yourself to the individual Pension Departments of the country. Addresses can be obtained by internet searches. The pensions maybe small but are worth claiming. It now appears that this may only succeed where a person contributed to a state pension scheme in the foreign country and was unable to withdraw the any contributions from the scheme when they left the country.

We know of people who have pensions from most European countries ( some are easier to obtain than others) and also others who have claimed from Belgium colonies like the old Belgian Congo, also the USA ,Canada and Australia. Another example where you need to specify exactly where you were is the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean is part Dutch and part French. The French side of the island is part of Guadeloupe and is therefore covered by the provisions of the EC Regulations. The Dutch side of the island is part of the Dutch Antilles which is not covered by the EC Regulations.

We are still investigating, and will update this space when we get more news. For further information please contact Dave Poulter.

It has been suggested we have a Page for each of the heritage companies, namely, Caltex, Chevron, Gulf and Texaco, but we need your input if this is to be of any value. Please let us have your input and articles, be they historic or current.
MEMBER NEWS please give us any news of members or events for members that will be of interest.
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