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Pensions Earned Overseas

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Pensions Earned Overseas whether UK Pensioners or Chevron( previous companies) Pensioners.

Chevron UK Pensioners' Association

Pension/Annuity earned Overseas:
In order to send you relevant information if you have a Company or previous Chevron Company Overseas Pension or Annuity can you please let us know by filling in the form below. (If you have multiple pensions/annuities can you please submit a new form for each one.)

Your Name:
Email Address:
Location where Pension/Annuity earned:
Pension/Annuity Supplier:
Any problems experienced:

Current Information.
We are working with the company to assist you.
Chevron US working with Bermuda are trying to address the issues we have raised.
They hope to issue a clear communication when Bermuda should be contacted and which situations require you to contact the insurance company that is making the payment. Along with this they will try to establish the appropriate contact for each insurance company.
We support the company initiative and have asked that where possible an email address for the contact is established ( to reduce contact costs), a guaranteed response time( say five working days) provided, and an escalation procedure established.

1) UK Pensioners who worked overseas.



The EEC legislation means that you may well be able to claim a pension from the country in which you worked. The International Pensions Centre ( 0191 218 7777) has recently changed it's policy. Where the Centre has contact details they will pass it on but they will no longer contact the foreign governments involved. So you now have to apply yourself to the individual Pension Departments of the country. Addresses can be obtained by internet searches. The pensions maybe small but are worth claiming. It now appears that this may only succeed where a person contributed to a state pension scheme in the foreign country and was unable to withdraw the any contributions from the scheme when they left the country.

We know of people who have pensions from most European countries ( some are easier to obtain than others) and also others who have claimed from Belgium colonies like the old Belgian Congo, also the USA ,Canada and Australia. Another example where you need to specify exactly where you were is the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean is part Dutch and part French. The French side of the island is part of Guadeloupe and is therefore covered by the provisions of the EC Regulations. The Dutch side of the island is part of the Dutch Antilles which is not covered by the EC Regulations.

 For further information please contact Dave Poulter.

2) CALTEX (UK) Expatriate Pension Plan.

The Pension plan is co-ordinated from Chevron House, P.O. BOX 2082, Hamilton, Bermuda, HM HX. For full contact detail please see the Chevron Links page on this website.

The problems we have been told about are:

2.1)    Although an increase has now been granted they were ignored for nearly six years.

2.2)    Pensions were not received (Cancelled by inaction or error).

2.3)    No response has been received to the many attempts to identify the Trustees / Grantees of the plan. The pensioners have no documentation on who is responsible for their plan.

2.4)    Documentation is very poor and email communications are NOT responded to. The pensioners feel isolated and ignored.

Some pensioners have still not received any communication from the Company about the increase and those that did were just informed an unspecified increase was coming and contained no information on how it was being organised.  

The pensioners feel very frustrated in that they do not have an office of Chevron to contact directly, and have received no news letters or other correspondence from Chevron directly that would keep them informed of the current pension situation and news of the company. Previously they received regular information, but it dried up when they moved to Singapore. Correspondence to various offices was never answered.


Please tell us if you wish to add information or correct any statement.

3) Caltex Trinidad & Tobago Pensioners and Bahrain Services Pensioners and other Annuitants.

3.1)    There appear to be a number of different schemes but they all appear to be based on a single life annuity.

If the pensioners die the spouse gets NO pension.

Expats’ working for Trinidad Leaseholds only discovered this many years after returning to the U.K..

3.2)    The Trinidad & Tobago pensions are paid by “The First Citizen Bank” in PORT of SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. for a period last year payments were irregular in that monies were transferred by cheque which got mislaid in transit, no compensation was paid for up to seven missed payments, although the payments finally got to the pensioners in a lump sum.

The payments are now paid electronically by wire transfer and some pensioners are charged 12 per month for this facility, although they were told there would be no charge, and have never received any correspondence on the missed payments or charges. Others appear not to be charged or if they are they are unaware of it ( It could be a different scheme but because of the limited documentation in the hands of the pensioners it cannot be determined).

3.3)  Communication and documentation appear very limited although they are slightly better off than the CALTEX (UK) Expatriate Pensioners. Again these pensioners feel isolated and ignored.

3.4) We have now recieved a statement from Chevron US that the company does not charge any fees for monthly processing/transfers, however, when the Texaco Trinidad and Tobago refinery was taken over by the government it appears they didn't supplement the transfer charge on their annuities.


Please tell us of any updates to the above you would like.

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Please contact Dave Poulter with any further information/ corrections etc