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Retiree Welfare Programme

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Although some of our members also work for the Retiree Welfare Programme, the RWP is a Company Sponsored Programme whilst the Association is an independent Organisation working to promote your interests with the Company.

Chevron UK Pensioners' Association

The Chevron Retiree Welfare Programme

The Chevron Retiree Welfare Programme is sponsored by the Company and provides :
a) A person who can visit/contact Retirees and provide a  contact/assistance,
b) A quarterly newsletter "Retiree News",
c) Annual Retiree Lunches,
d) Small gifts to celebrate special birthdays or events.

The Retiree Welfare Programme presently has some 2700 members - 1600 in the North (Ian McFarlane) and 1100 in the South (John Donaldson). More than 1300 pensioners have not yet signed the data protection form and are thus missing out.

  The Chevron Retiree Welfare Programme has a large number of Local Contact Persons (LCPs). Too many to include here, so in the first case please contact the prime co-ordinators :
 a) Ian McFarlane, for pensioners living North of a line from the River Severn estuary to the Humber, 18 Amis Way, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7JF, Phone 01789209033, Fax 01789267947, Email,
 b) John Donaldson, for pensioners living in the South, 1 Morgans House, Ham Common, Ham, RICHMOND, Surry, TW10 7JU, Phone 02083321197, Email .
they will help and put you into contact with your LCP and any other matters to do with welfare (their addresses can be supplied).
For pension related problems please contact the Chevron UK Pension Plan team, AON Ltd. 25 Marsh Street, Bristol BS1 4AQ - Tel. 0800 585824or from outside the UK +44 117 929 4001or Email .
Additional LCPs are required in all areas, if you would like to help please contact Ian or John direct.

To join the Programme it is important that the Data Protection Form is completed by the ex-employee and spouse( if any).

Please complete the form obtained by clicking here.

Retiree News
The editor of this quarterly bulletin is Mrs June Parham McCullough who can be contacted at :  or by phone at 02085497660.
FYI June can't put the Gulf logo on Retiree News because the company no longer own's it.

I'll drink to that!!
Don't forget if you, or any company pensioner you know, is celebrating a special wedding anniversary this year, Golden or Diamond, then the company, through the Retiree Welfare Programme will supply flowers and champagne or a gift. But there is NO information on file, unless you have recently supplied it, about wedding anniversaries so this is one of those occassions when - IF YOU DON'T ASK YOU DON'T GET.
So let us, or your LCP know and you won't miss out.

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