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Chevron UK Pensioners' Association

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Chevron UK Pensioners' Association

The Chevron UK Pensioners’ Association is not a subsidiary of Chevron United Kingdom Ltd, but an independent organisation of pensioner members of the Chevron UK Pension Plan or UK nationals entitled to a pension from another Chevron pension plan being retired employees or surviving dependants of Chevron, Gulf, Texaco, Caltex, and other predecessor companies.We have been working independently you on pensioners' interests for over 28 years.

We are here to assist you.

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In December 2008 the Company gave a 4.9% increase , unless you retired in the last two years. Depending on when one assumes it was awarded this is 89% of RPI (the inflation increase), with a 1 November 2007 submission. As of 1st May 2010 there have been 462 days since the last increase.
As of 1st May 2010 there have been 1038 days since the last increase for the ex Caltex (UK) Expatriate Pension Plan pensioners.
Most pensioners of the Chevron UK Pension Plan get the increase, unless they have recently retired or they took a large lump sum on retirement and are on GMP increases only or partly.